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Nate’s Beautiful Teriyaki Style Steak Recipe


It’s that time of the day again, recipe time! and omg if anything will give you a foodgasm this will, note for best results you’ll need to marinate the meat for 3 hours so this isn’t one you can create in a jiffy but it’s one you’ll definitely want to try and try again!

So what ingredients do I need?

For the steak
1 teaspoon of honey
3 tablespoons of soy sauce for the marinade (plus some to drizzle after cooked!)
1 table spoon of malt vinegar
A few shakes of ground garlic
A few shakes of ground ginger
1 rump steak per person
A sprinkling of sesame seeds

For the rice

Around 1 cup of dry rice per person
1 egg per person
dried ground coriander leaf.

Great i’ve got those ingredients what do I need to do?

As I said above, we’re going to need to need to marinade the meat for 3 hours, so we’ll start with that.
My technique isn’t standard but works very well! Start by placing the vinegar, soy sauce, honey and garlic
and ginger in a bowl and mix well (you can place in a saucepan and heat at a low heat if you have a thick honey). Next place the steak on a plate and pour the marinade you just mixed over it. We’re going to leave this out in room temperature,
so place the plate in a freezer bag for hygiene reasons. Leave for 1 and a half hours, after this time flip the steak on the plate so the other side gets a particularly good soaking too. You’ll want to leave this for 1 and a half hours too.

When we’ve got about 20 minutes of time left for marinading it’s time to start the rice, place the rice in a saucepan of water and heat at a medium heat. periodically stir to prevent the rice sticking to the pan.

Once that’s cooked place some cooking oil on a wok and a skillet. Put the skillet on a medium heat to heat the oil, and place the rice in the wok and heat that to a medium heat also. Then crack an egg on top of the rice, and mix well with the rice. Lastly add a few shakes of ground coriander leaf.

Next lift the steak up above the plate and let any marinade drip off, once it’s stopped dripping place the steak on the skillet and turn up to a high heat (do not discard the marinade on the plate). Cook each face of the steak for 1 – 1.5 minutes and a minute for each side too. Once done leave to rest for a minute on a plate.

Place the rice on a plate, slice the steak into strips and put on top of the rice, next up poor the remaining marinade on top of each strip of steak.

Lastly sprinkle with sesame seeds and drizzle with soy sauce covering each part of the steak with the soy sauce.

And that’s it go and eat, it’s too good!!!

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