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Sunday Steak Sandwiches Recipe

Sunday Steak Sandwiches Recipe

Sundays are meant to be easy days. No hard and fast rule about meals. It is also the day that I get to play around in the kitchen a lot more when inspiration hits a note or two. The recent weekend's Sunday Steak Sandwich came along because I was having the urge to clear the fridge and because I craved a sandwich.

Under 30 minutes to prep and cook was definitely a good idea after running 25km for breakfast. A quick glance at the fridge and we ended up with 2 steak sandwich idea. Both were perfect for Sundays but the pork steak for the weekend BBQ ended up for Monday's sandwich dinner though preps were done on Sunday.

My Sunday sandwiches or as the hubster calls "Breakfast for lunch and dinner wiches" were basically simple ingredients that were available at home all week long. These ensure that I can whip up a meal quickly when I work from home or can prep to bring along for my training days or office lunch.

Sunday Steak (for one pax)

• 1 piece steak (1 inch thick)
• Salt and pepper
• 1 teaspoon butter

• Bring steak to room temperature.
• Season steak with salt and pepper on both sides while pan is heating up.
• When pan is hot, add butter to pan.
• Place steak into pan. Sear one side for 3 minutes and 2 minutes on the other side for medium rare. You can read more about how I get my steaks right The Right Cut with Adrian Richardson.
• Let steak rest for a minute before slicing.

Pork Steak
I marinaded extra for the weekend's BBQ brunch. Lemon juice is the secret ingredient for that extra zing and it also speeds up the marination process.
• 6 pieces pork loin
• 4 tablespoon Worchestershire sauce
• 2 tablespoon soy sauce
• Pepper
• 1 table spoon lemon juice (optional)

• Mix sauces, pepper and lemon juice well.
• Marinade pork loin with marinade mix for at least 2 hours before cooking. They freeze well for up to a week.
• Heat up pan with olive oil.
• Sear pork loin for 3 minutes on each side for a juicy bite. The meat will be barely pink but thoroughly cooked.
• Rest before slicing.

Evelyn's Sunday Sandwich / Sandwich Base for Sunday Steak Sandwich (for 2 pax)
• 1 avocado
• 1 Japanese cucumber
• 1 head Romaine lettuce
• 1 pack of fresh button mushroom

• Choice of bread
• Mozarella cheese
• Cherry tomatoes
• Corn
• Salt, pepper and dried rosemary

• Drizzle olive oil, a dash of salt, pepper and dried rosemary on cherry tomatoes. Pop into oven at 150°C for 10 minutes.
• Butter corn and pop into oven together with cherry tomatoes for 10 minutes. Salt and pepper optional.
• Slice button mushroom. Heat up pan with olive oil. Cook mushrooms till soften for about 5 minutes. Season to taste with salt and dried rosemary or choice of herbs.
• Toast cheese and toast in oven at 150°C for 1 to 2 minutes depending on how crusty you like your toast.
• Julienne lettuce.
• Slice cucumber.
• Mash avocado.

Steak sandwich - Layer each slice of toast with cucumber, avocado, mushrooms and sliced beef. Served with a side of corn, cucumber, lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

Vegetarian sandwich - Layer each slice of toast with avocado, mushroom and tomato. Serve with a side of corn. To ensure more fibre, I served a bowl of julienne lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

And here's the order that I worked in precise sequence to whip the above in under half hour including plating:
• Mash avocado.
• Place cheese on toast.
• Cook steak on stove while corn and tomatoes were in the oven.
• Rested and sliced the steak while mushrooms cooked in the pan and toast sat in oven.

There is much that one can do with open faced sandwiches. Last night the hubster could not resist the pork steak, so we took one out for his dinner. And I had my almost rainbow option of cherry tomatoes, almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds - no need for salt or oil as the cheese packs a punch of flavours.

Pork steak sandwich for Monday night dinner. Pink and juicy pork loin that is still a little pinkish but is actually cooked through.

Breakfast for dinner. Vegetarian toast of cheese, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds and cherry tomatoes. Easy peasy and can be made while the steak cooks on the pan.  Cooked the tomatoes on the toast at °C for 2 minutes.


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