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Ribeye Lip-on: USDA Prime


Restaurant-quality Ribeye steak at a fraction of the price and delivered at your doorstep.

The USDA Prime Grade Ribeye.

Its combination of flavor and tenderness is unrivaled. Generously marbled, it delivers a rich, juicy, full-flavored bite with spectacular plate coverage. Applications include steaks – or sliced for salads, sandwiches and wraps. It is great when grilled, broiled or skillet-cooked. You may also smoke, roast or sous vide.

Cuts of meat that have been given a prime grade will be marked with a purple stamp containing the words "USDA Prime" inside a shield. While this mark will only be visible on the primal cuts, the retail packaging will feature the grade mark.

It is illegal to misrepresent the grade of meat, misuse the shield symbol, or to use misleading language to describe the quality of the meat. For instance, a restaurant that serves something called prime rib must use beef that has been graded prime. Otherwise, they would have to call it a rib roast or something else that doesn't have the word "prime" in it.

Note: All photos are for illustration purposes only.  Actual products may vary in size, meat & fat proportion, and shape.  Our products are raw and some photos are just for serving suggestions.