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Rib Cap: Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu A5

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Rib Cap is known for its luxurious marbling and buttery umami finish. This delectable A5 Rib Cap is perfect for sharing with friends or family. Rib Caps are blade meat from above the ribeye.

This cut is most commonly use sliced for yakiniku. You may also lightly scorch, and enjoy BBQ or even Wagyu Sushi! You may buy them at whole or half slabs.

Miyazakigyu is one of the top brands of Japanese Wagyu known for its quality and consistency. Produced from Japanese Black cattle, and raised in Miyazaki prefecture, Miyazakigyu has become known for its snowflake-like marbling. In order to qualify as Miyazakigyu, cattle must be born and raised in Miyazaki Prefecture and graded A4 and above. Miyazakigyu has won the “Wagyu Olympics” in 2007 and 2012 which is the first time in the history of the tournament that a brand has been able to win consecutive awards.  They have also won the Prime Minister’s Award for excellence for the third consecutive time, which is also the first time in the history of the tournament that a brand has won 3 consecutive awards.

Note: All photos are for illustration purposes only.  Actual products may vary in size, meat & fat proportion, and shape.  Our products are raw and some photos are just for serving suggestions.